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Agility Can offer flexible storage solutions to suit our client’s needs.

Coordinating closings of two homes simultaneously can at times be very difficult. It’s also common for an employer to relocate an employee to fill a business need without much time for the employee to secure a new residence. In many cases people require storage of their personal belongings until they have a new address ready for move in. If so we can help!

Storage In Transit 
– Should you need to be out of the home you are currently living in but not be ready to move in to your new home we can offer short term storage until you find or close on a new residence. For more information give your moving coordinator a quick call to discuss.

Long Term Storage 
– Do you know you’re going to need storage for 6 months? Or maybe even longer? Agility can help! Please give your moving coordinator a call to discuss your options.

Whether your need for storage is short term, long term or anywhere in between contact Agility Van Lines today at 800-756-4340 for a FREE QUOTE.

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