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Our prices are fair and reasonable. Do not shop for price alone. We are NOT all the same. Please read every word on any contract you receive. The more research you do, the happier you will be with the choice you made.

One of our Estimators will determine what your moving needs are and tailor a move specific to you. After all, it is your move and our job to do our very best for you.

Everyone one of our staff has gone through some type of training based on the services they provide. We also have ongoing meetings and updates to ensure the service we provide is of the highest quality.

I have been in the moving business since 2008 with multiple companies. I decided that if I truly wanted to make a difference, I had to be in control of how the customers were serviced. In 2015 I made that decision to open Agility Van Lines, Inc. and have never regretted it.

I have worked with many types of customers. People who have needed help from storage units, condos, townhouses, single family homes etc. We tailor your move to fit your needs.

We are fond of projects we do every week. It is truly a pleasure to assist consumers in need. Based on mileage, we can pickup and deliver from the same day to five days. We do not take weeks to deliver. If we are fortunate to be your mover, we will be fond of your project as well.

You have to do your research; you must check for driver/vehicle inspections. Find out what happens to your items after they are picked up. Does it go to a warehouse at origin? Does it go on a tractor trailer to be transported? Does it go into a warehouse at destination? Who is going to deliver me? Unless you are requesting storage, the more times you are handled the higher chance for damage and finger pointing.Ask direct questions. Is it the same crew and truck that picks me up, that delivers me? Please read all your paperwork before giving a deposit. You may be surprised to find out the deposit you gave is nonrefundable. You could easily pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a conversation. What you sign supersedes what you were told. If you ever have a problem, your paperwork WILL determine the outcome. Set yourself up for success. READ

What is the purpose of my move? If I got hurt, would that set me back considerably at my destination? Do I need some packing services? Do I need storage, or can I accept direct delivery? How soon do I need to receive my items? Do I want the same crew at pickup and destination? How many times do I want my items handled? (minimum is 2) Am I willing to read the contract I sign before I give a deposit? Am I willing to pay a fair price for the right mover? Am I willing to post a positive review if it so warranted?

Additional FAQs

We offer a full range of packing services. We can provide a full pack option where you just sit back and relax and watch us work. We can also can customize a partial pack of only breakables and fragile items. In all moves as part of our standard service we wrap and protect all of the major furniture items with moving blankets and tape.

All glass must be packed in cardboard at a minimum. We can provide this service at an additional cost or you can have it done before we arrive.

Yes, we can provide short or long term storage depending on your family’s needs.

All moves include free of charge “$0.60 per pound per article standard liability valuation” and we also offer optional “Full coverage valuation” on every move.

Our trained moving consultants will provide an in depth consultation. He or She will ask detailed questions about the furniture items that you want to ship, items that you wish to have professionally packed and approximate box counts. It’s also important to advise your moving consultant of any restrictions or special requirements at your home, such as stairs, limited parking access or no access for Semi’s.

If your pickup or delivery is being made on an 18 wheeler and your neighborhood cannot accommodate a truck this size we would have to transfer the items to a smaller truck. This is called “shuttle service”. There is a charge for this service so please be sure to advise your moving consultant if you believe there may be access limitations on either end.

We cover up to One flight of stairs(12 steps)
We cover up to 75 ft from where the truck can park to the front door of the house.

You will have an assigned moving consultant to assist you throughout the estimate process. In addition we have a full staff of customer service specialists available 6 days a week to assist you with any questions.

Yes, any furniture that we have disassembled at origin we will professionally reassemble at destination. Note there are a few exceptions such as “kit” or ikea furniture that require a handy man or many hours of disassembly or assembly.

Yes, our staff is trained to carefully protect and move all types of Piano’s.

Our availability can change very quickly depending on the needs of our customers. The earlier your move is reserved the higher likelihood of securing the dates you need and the best rates possible.

Our moving team will create a detailed inventory of all items loaded to our truck however writing your name and Origin/destination state on your boxes is certainly helpful to the driver and crew.

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