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Moving From Virginia To Florida


There’s s a movement happening, and it’s no surprise to us as to why people are choosing to move from different parts of Virginia and going south, all the way to Florida. Even though Virginia is gorgeous and has tons of nature and a booming infrastructure, Florida offers even more. With the gorgeous caribbean like beaches, palm trees, delicious latin inspired cuisine, Florida has something to offer all. From entrepreneurs to retirees Florida has areas full of opportunities, as well as laid back areas to be enjoyed through the elder years.

Is it suitable for singles or families?

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or have a family. You will always find something cool to do and explore in the state of Florida. Florida has areas that are perfect for raising a family, complete with white picket fence, room for 2.5 kids and 2 dogs, even a cat if you are a feline lover. Singles can also find plenty of activities to enjoy, the further south in Florida you go the more available job openings and nightlife you will find. Floridians are known to be very welcoming, and you will love doing your food shopping at Publix (it really is a pleasure as they say). If you’ve moved before and found it difficult to get acclimated, you will see that Florida offers tons of different locations with different vibes that you can explore until you find the right area that feels like home.

Florida Has Some of the Worlds Top Rated Beaches

Here are the 10 best beach spots Florida has to offer:

  1. Key West: Key West is one of the most enchanting of the 1,700 islands that make up the Florida Keys. It’s also home of the southernmost city in the US.
  2. Sanibel: Sanibel is known as one of the best shelling locations thanks to the abundant seashells that wash ashore from the Gulf of Mexico.
  3. Captiva: Captiva is a tropical oasis located on Florida’s Southwest coast. It offers some of the best fishing and boating in all of Florida.
  4. The Palm Beaches: The easternmost town in all of Florida, Palm Beach is lined with its namesake majestic trees and loaded with beautiful beachfront properties, high-end hotels and sprawling resorts.
  5. South Beach: One of the most beautiful sunrises accompanied by blue skies and colorful clouds can be found in South Beach. You also get to enjoy lots of the latin inspired culture and cuisine when visiting this part of Florida.
  6. Melbourne: Paradise Beach and Park is a Beachside park that offers sand volleyball courts, covered picnic areas, kids’ play equipment & restrooms.
  7. Tampa: With 361 days of sunshine a year, there’s no bad time to visit a Tampa beach.
  8. Jupiter: Jupiter’s beaches are known for their warm, clear waters and shores that are enveloped by the natural features of the area, such as dunes, mangroves, and lots of cool sea life.
  9. St. Augustine: St. Augustine offers 42 miles of beautiful beaches, from the pristine coast of Ponte Vedra Beach to St. Augustine Beach and south to Crescent Beach.
  10. Miami Beach: Whether you’re searching for the ultimate party spot or a family-friendly oceanfront bargain, Miami has a beach for you.
Moving to Florida Can Be Easy

Nothing is more important than enjoying your life and exploring new options, and Florida offers that and more.

There are lots of great moving companies that can help you get to Florida from Virginia. The benefit is that our company Agility Van Lines is a professional and affordable Florida moving service that moves you without any hassle. We make the moving process simple, which is something that really matters the most when it comes to picking up your current life and moving to start a completely new one. Families have been trusting Agility Van Lines to help them move quickly and safely. When it comes to your belongings, our staff is trained to have the utmost respect for your property and treat it with the same standard of care that they would their own property.

When you hire Agility Van Lines, we take the stress out of moving.

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