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How To Pack Fragile Items When Moving

When packing for a big move the closets are some of the last areas that you purge. Before you go shoving as much as you can into whatever boxes you have left, we have some tips for an easier approach.

Size Down

When packing and getting ready to move, time is of the essence. We have to consider move-in dates, other people’s schedules, and time sensitive deadlines. However, patience and planning is key when it comes to packing, especially when it comes to fragile items.

There have been countless stories of people breaking fragile items due to poor packing, being unaware, or simply making careless mistakes. Fragile items cause the most heartbreak because they tend to hold sentimental value or can be rather expensive.

That’s why we’ve complied a list for you to learn how to avoid these mistakes and pack your fragile items well.

Plan Ahead

It’s no surprise that planning ahead can avoid lots of unwanted accidents. Planning ahead isn’t only for your move, but it’s also beneficial for your packing. Think about what fragile items you own and how you plan to sort and pack them. Planning ahead can save you the trouble of rushing into packing your fragile items and neglecting their safety.

Packing Boxes

Sometimes the most obvious way to pack your valuables is right under your nose. Choosing the right packing box could make, or literally, break your packing system. Choosing sturdy boxes or “Dish packs” can maximize the safety of your fragile items and offer a great option to sort and organize your belongings. Consider using small to medium sizes boxes to pack your precious items. The smaller the box, the more protection you can add, reducing the risk of breaking and mishandling your items. As a side note, it’s important to label your boxes accordingly, as to not forget what you have and to properly take care of each item.

Having The Right Tools

Having the right tools to pack is essential to keeping your fragile items neat and secure. Tools you should use include:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Paper
  • Scissors
  • Moving Tape

Each one of your tools will serve as a crucial part of packing. Use bubble wrap to individually wrap glasses or smaller fragile items. Use packing paper to fill any gaps inside your boxes and use them as separators for frames and mirrors. Scissors are a handy tool to cut any unnecessary edges or packing paper. And of course, moving tape will help you solidify and close your boxes and can even be used as protective padding.

You can pick and chose what you feel most comfortable with. Just be sure to choose an open area with lots of room for you to work in while packing your fragile items.

Pack In Tiers

Making sure your box is fully protected can ensure maximum safety for your delicate belongings. When packing in tiers, it’s important to layer your box, using packing paper or bubble wrap, at the bottom and sides. Using newspaper or towels can be another alternative, but they can provide unwanted results as newspapers tend to dirty your items and towels slip easily, causing unwanted accidents. Once you’ve layered your box, rest your fragile items in it and add a second tier of packing paper or bubble wrap on top of them for added protection. Make sure to fill any gaps in the box with moving paper, as it also helps add extra cushioning.

Getting ready to move can prove to be a challenge, but planning ahead and using the right tools and techniques can make the process go faster and smoother. Once you’re ready to move, you can request a FREE QUOTE from us Agility Van Lines today at 800-756-4340 to calculate expenses and travel time to your new location and make your move effortless.

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