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5 Steps To Setting Up A Moving Budget

If you have come to the conclusion that you need to move, the first step is to plan a moving budget. Moving expenses add up. Preparing for your move, finalizing the move, and the move itself all add to the budget. There are Moving Supplies, truck rentals, fuel costs, mover’s fees, possible airfare, and hidden costs that you can’t foresee right now, which make it extremely important to set aside time to work on your moving budget.

Create a Template

When creating a budget, you have to plan your expenses with educated guesses about how much things are going to cost and making a checklist. Predicted expenses nearly always differ from actual expenses. It will help you in the long run to include a column for both. This is easily done in a program like Microsoft Excel in which you can set up a chart and perform simple calculations using formulas. Next, you have to think about all the expenses you will incur from this move.

List Moving Expenses

In order to fill out your budget sheet you will need to list the different expenses you will encounter as part of your move if you are using a moving company.

List Travel Expenses

Transportation, lodging, meals, pet care, and temporary housing are all costs associated with traveling. If you have to transport your personal car calculate the costs of driving it to your new residence or having it towed.

Moving Supplies

Moving Supplies such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, labels, and markers. You may also need moving blankets, hand carts, dollies, four wheelers etc.

Total your Costs

The subtotal line in your budget includes all the above expenses you have included. You should also include a buffer amount in case of the unexpected.

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