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How We Make Moving Better

How Do We Make Your Long-Distance Residential Move The Best Experience Possible?

Moving to a new city or state can be challenging to coordinate. With Agility Van Lines, we’re here to ensure a smooth transition from the moment you contact us until the minute your items arrive. Our rates are highly competitive and we keep you updated, taking a lot of the stress and guesswork out of a long-distance residential move.

So what can you expect when you reach out to us?

Before the Move

  • When you request a free quote for residential moving via phone or our website, we send you a warning email to educate you and help you choose the right moving company.
  • We then assign you to a moving estimator who will introduce themselves via email and phone.
  • Your dedicated moving estimator will call you and provide a detailed quote for your move. This quote will also be provided in writing.
  • If you approve the quote, you pay a deposit and make your reservation for a two-day pickup window. The following day, you’ll get a call from us welcoming you to the Agility family!
  • Approximately three or four days prior to your move, we’ll send you a quality assurance email to review and sign electronically.
  • Approximately two or three days prior to your move, we’ll reach out to you to confirm all details and give you the chance to make any last-minute changes.
  • The day before pickup, we’ll call you with a four-hour pickup window for the following day.

The Day of the Move

  • Approximately one to two hours before arrival, your driver (who is also the foreman) will contact you to confirm arrival time.
  • Upon arrival, your foreman will do a walkthrough with you to ensure accuracy of all details. Once you sign off on everything that needs to go, we will begin loading the truck.

The Day After Pickup

  • A representative will call you to verify that everything went well.

The Day Before Delivery

  • We will call you with a four-hour delivery window for the following day.

The Day of Delivery

  • The driver will call you approximately one to two hours before the anticipated arrival time.

The Day After Delivery

  • A representative will call you to verify that everything went well.

Experience the difference with our top-rated long distance interstate cross country moving company. To get started, contact us for your free quote today.


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