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Why Move from Florida to Newport News?


Newport News’ great location and rich history, has shaped the city into what it is today. Located on the banks of the Hampton Roads harbor in southeastern Virginia, Newport News is located near Hampton, minutes from Williamsburg and a short drive to Virginia Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. From this central location, you have access to passing boats, history and the great outdoors. If you love living near open bodies of water and lovely nature parks Newport News can be a great city for you to move to.

Is it suitable for singles or families?

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or have a family. You will always find something cool to do and explore in Newport News. Newport News is a family-friendly area, yet at the same time singles can easily find plenty of activities to enjoy. The Newport News locals are known to be very friendly. If you’ve moved before and found it difficult to get acclimated, you will see that Newport News is nothing like that. This is a super friendly place, and everyone will do their best to make you feel at home. The upper town of Newport News has come along way. A lot of businesses being built with nice walking trails and parks. Newport News is also a nice place for families with older children or of retirement age.

Newport News Has a Great Economy

Newport News offers lots of employment opportunities. Newport News has an unemployment rate of 4.9%. while The US average is 5.2%. Their local economy is doing very well. There are lots of available job opportunities in Newport News currently so finding employment for most is not an issue.

Newport News is close to Great Beaches

Here are the three best beaches in easy driving distance of Newport News:

  • First Landing State Park

    Located at 2500 Shore Drive in Virginia Beach to find this combination sandy beach and marshy wilderness.

  • Yorktown Beach

    Located at 425 Water Street, Yorktown Beach has plenty of designated swimming areas along with boat rentals, restaurants, and a nautical museum.

  • Huntington Park

    Found at 5500 W Mercury Blvd. The park and beach kept meticulously clean, you can also find tennis courts, the YMCA, and a massive playground perfect for children of all ages.

From Newport News, you don’t need to spend even an hour in the car to enjoy a full relaxing and fun filled day at the beach.

Moving from Florida to Newport News Can Be Easy

Moving to Newport News can be a great opportunity for you and your family! Nothing is more important than enjoying your life and exploring new options, and Newport News offers that and much more.

There are lots of great moving companies that can help you get to Newport News as fast as possible. The benefit is that our company Agility Van Lines is a professional and affordable Newport News moving service that moves you without any hassle. We make the moving process simple, which is something that really matters the most when it comes to picking up your current life and moving to start a completely new one. Families have been trusting Agility Van Lines to help them move quickly and safely. When it comes to your belongings, our staff is trained to have the utmost respect for your property and treat it with the same standard of care that they would their own property.

When you hire Agility Van Lines, we take the stress out of moving.

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