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Tips For A Fast Move

Conventional moves tend to be planned several months in advance. This time allows you to prepare for the finances, the packing, the job searching, and everything else typically involved with moving to a new location. However, sometimes life throws surprises at us, and we find ourselves having to prepare for a move in less than a month. If you’re somebody who is preparing to leave your home and don’t have that several month cushion to prepare, these are some tips to help streamline your fast move.

1. Start Packing As Early As You Can

No pressure, but every second is going to count when you have to do a fast move. Packing will always take longer than you expect it will. The packing process will involve getting rid of the stuff you never used, then packing your items. Start from packing what you use the least (books, family heirlooms, your teapot collection) to what you’ll be using by the last day at the old house. Getting rid of stuff is vital for your fast move, as it means spending less time carrying boxes back and forth. Smart, strategic packing will do wonders for a fast move.

2. Ask For Help

This isn’t the time for pride. Family and friends will always want to help you out as long as you give them a solid idea of how. They can help arrange what you need to pack, moving boxes in and out, or giving away items that you personally don’t need anymore but someone else can still use. Donating to a charity can work just as well for getting rid of items. Of course, professional moving companies exist to help with the packing procedure if you are still short a helping hand. These companies are experts in the field and do this every day, and can give you proper personal consultation on what to do when the fast move may start feeling overwhelming.

3. Be Creative With Boxes and Padding

In a fast move, you may not have the time to go out and carefully choose what boxes you need to buy, or wait for an order of packing peanuts for your more fragile objects. Luckily, you have plenty of resources at home that can act as suitable replacements. Instead of packing your blankets, towels, and curtains like everything else, use them as padding material for your lamps, fine china, and other breakable items. If you have plastic bins lying around, use them as makeshift boxes besides the traditional cardboard boxes. You’ll be efficient, and environmentally friendly!

These tips will not only help you with your fast move, but will also make it easier for you. If you find yourself in a position where a fast move is necessary and need help, contact us at Agility Van Lines for a free moving estimate. We are the premier South Florida moving company and can get you where you need to be.

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